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The internationally patented Variacor® system, allows thanks to its two swiveling joints, to turn rigid and semi-rigid pipes to flexible and swiveling, whatever their nature or applications.

  • High working confort: It relieves wrist pressure, minimizing the efforts due to pipe stiffness. 
  • Maximum freedom: Greater maneuverability.  Much more simple.
  • Cost saving: Prevents the hose from twisting and kinking, reducing its wear out and increasing  the lifetime. Longer lifetime
  • Efficient: Decreases pressure drop, variacor connects directly with the tool, maintaining the hose and the tool perfectly positioned.



Available connections:

  • “BSP”
  • “NPT”
  • “METRIC”
REF. ConnectionsThreadFlow l/minweightØ int.
1/4 " × 1/4 "Interna /externa720 l/min72 grs.7 mm
3/8 " × 3/8 "Interna /externa1800 l/min126 grs.11 mm
1/2 " × 1/2 "Interna /externa1800 l/min132 grs.11 mm
1/4" x 1/4"24,067G 1/4"G 1/4"
3/8 " × 3/8 "29,582G 3/8"G 3/8"
1/2 " × 1/2 "29,582G 1/2"G 1/2"

Other application examples:

Gas stations:


Firemen hoses:

Mangueras de bomberos

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