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ONAK is a family-owned business with more than 45 years of experience, focusing its activity on the import-export and manufacturing of industrial tools.

We started our business as industrial suppliers and thanks to the successful strategic alliances achieved together with the loyalty of our customers, we are currently an international supplier with presence in many markets.

ONAK is a leading company as sole importer of tools and together with our partners we offer innovative products and solutions for tightening, assembly work and machining operations (cutting, deburring, polishing, finishing…).

ONAK is a manufacturing company concentrated on manufacturing under drawing. We are specialized in customized manufacturing of devices for quick sealing, products used in continuous casting foundries that make  a perfect and safe join connection between the liquid steel and dummy bar, thus preventing liquid steel from escaping.

Our success is based on offering the most profitable, efficient and innovative solution to our customers, always providing quality products and services for the most demanding markets, becoming a strategic partner for both customers and suppliers.

We have a highly qualified professional team, with extensive market experience to offer safe and customized solutions to each company.