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Tailor-made products for surface conditioning

In cooperation with our partners, our company delivers innovative products as well as solution to problems in almost all machining operations ( deburring, finishing, polishing, cutting… ) and for a wide range of materials, such as: stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metal, wood, ceramics, plastics and glass.

In ONAK, we are able - in addition to the numerous standard products - to produce custom shapes and product design on customer request; solutions for special applications are worked out in direct exchange.

Special shapes and dimensions are defined as well as best abrasives quality.

Abrasive convertor
Abrasive convertor
Abrasive convertor

In ONAK we have a different approach and together with our customers and reliable partners we always find a custom-made solution. ¿How?

Just because we understand abrasives. With our know-how and dedication to sanding, grinding and polishing we always find the solution for your specific job.

BeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBora Belt
Abrasivo DiscoAbrasivo DiscoAbrasivo DiscoAbrasivo DiscoAbrasivo DiscoAbrasivo Disco
Abrasivo Disco RolocAbrasivo Disco RolocAbrasivo Disco RolocAbrasivo Disco RolocAbrasivo Disco Roloc
Abrasivo CepillosAbrasivo CepillosAbrasivo Cepillos
Abrasivo EsponjaAbrasivo EsponjaAbrasivo EsponjaAbrasivo Esponja
Abrasivo HojasAbrasivo HojasAbrasivo Hojas

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